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Around The Nest Blue Jays Minor League Question Thread - Week 5

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Leon Halip

The episode title is "Friends, Stroman, Countrymen", so lend the podcast your ears. As he does every single week of the season, Lansing Lugnuts broadcaster Jesse Goldberg-Strassler will be hosting a live podcast today at 5 pm Eastern to talk about the Blue Jays' minor league system. You can tune in right here.

This week, aces will be the theme:

Marcus Stroman excels under scrutiny, Matt Boyd and Kendall Graveman get the call upward, Daniel Norris is spotless, and Tom Robson and Alberto Tirado are putting it all together. It's the second month of the baseball season, and the Jay-talking is heating up!

The tour 'round the nest will go from Buffalo to Dunedin to Lansing to New Hampshire today. So go ahead and ask your questions in the comments below!