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Erik Kratz recalled

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Tom Szczerbowski

Update: The Jays have officially announced this now, Chad Jenkins is headed back to Buffalo. Navarro isn't going on the DL. Jenkins only made that one appearance (and it didn't go well) after all the nice things Gibby said about him.

The team is now down to a 6-man bullpen, with Jenkins gone and J.A. Happ starting on Monday. Things change daily with the Jays.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that Erik Kratz is about to be recalled by the Blue Jays.

Dioner Navarro was taken out of last night's game, and there was no explanation for it, but it appears that he was injured. I don't know in what way or how long he will be out, but it sounds like he'll be going on the DL. Dioner was hitting a pretty nice, if pretty empty .301 with 1 home run, 14 RBI, 6 walks, and 1 stolen base. His work behind the plate hasn't been that great but it does seem like he gets along with the pitching staff. There have been too many passed balls and wild pitches and he's only thrown out 15% of base stealers.

Erik Kratz had 2 hits, 1 of them a home run, in 10 at bats in his first stint with the Jays. Down in Buffalo he is hitting .273/.324/.485. I imagine he'll be platooning with Josh Thole. Thole is having a great start to the season, hitting .458/.480/.500, so getting him more at bats isn't a bad thing. He has said he has a different approach at the plate, compared to last year. He said that he had so few at bats, last year, that he felt like he had to try to hit a home run every time up, this year he's more relaxed and accepting of his role.

I hope Dioner's injury isn't too serious and that he'll be back soon.