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Blue Jays call up Rob Rasmussen

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there is a name I didn't consider. The Jays have called up Rob Rasmussen to fill the spot opened up when Marcus Stroman was sent down. Rob is a lefty and I'm guessing the Jays wanted another lefty in the pen for the series against the Red Sox.

Rob is 25, he played in 13 games for the Bisons. He had at 2.65 ERA in 17 innings, allowing 12 hits, 10 walks with 19 strikeouts. This will be his first time in the majors. He was a second round pick for the Marlins in 2010. The Jays got him from the Phillies, along with Erik Kratz, for Brad Lincoln.

I don't think he'll be here long, the Jays, the Jays will likely be calling up Liam Hendriks to make Saturday's start against Oakland.

I really thought there would be a bat coming up for these few days. With the Monday off, the pen is rested, I don't see the need for an 8-man bullpen, but then I never see the need for an 8-man bullpen. Then again, maybe the Jays will go with Redmond on Saturday and we really only have a 7-man pen?