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Red Sox sign Stephen Drew

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Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

I really would have liked the Blue Jays to have signed Drew but:

Since Ryan Goins didn't pan out, Maicer Izturis is hurt, Jonathan Diaz and Chris Getz weren't good and retired, Steve Tolleson has been good, but that's SSS, I don't expect that to continue, I really would have liked Drew. The team's in the race, there is one gaping hole in the lineup, such a big hole that we move Brett Lawrie over to fill it, so I would have loved to have Drew. Beyond that, if we had signed him, he wouldn't have been available to help the Sox.  

It doesn't cost the Red Sox a draft pick, since Drew was with them last year and with Will Middlebrooks out with a broken finger, it is a good pickup for them. But then I guess they didn't have to go begging to their players to come up with the cash to pay him.