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Edwin Encarnacion hits 2 homers, Jays beat Red Sox

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Blue Jays 7  Red Sox 4

This might be my favorite play of the season:

We got a nice start out of J.A. Happ again. It would have looked a lot better if Gibby would have pulled him after 5 innings. He really ran out of gas in the 5th, giving up 3 doubles in the innings (for 2 runs) and a couple of hard hit balls that were caught. I was sure Gibby would pull him for the 6th but no.  Happ got a easy ground ball that Jose Reyes flubbed, that was called a single, but any shortstop should have made that play with ease, and then gave up a home run to Jonny Gomes. And that was it for him.

Happ's line looks a lot worse than he pitched. He went 5.0, 7 hits, 4 earned, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts. 5 of the hits, and all the earned runs were in the 5th and 6th. Early in the game he was great and looked confident.

The bullpen did the job (even if it wasn't very pretty):

  • Dustin McGowan gave up back to back singles and looked shaky, but, thankfully, John Farrell decided to help us out by bunting, David Ross popped it to Brett Lawrie. After that Dustin got out of the inning on a fly out and strike out. He got the first out of the 7th, then
  • Rob Rasmussen was brought in to face David Ortiz, his first MLB appearance and got him to ground out to Edwin Encarnacion. Gibby pulled him and he left with the ball from his first out, I hope he gets Ortiz to sign it.
  • Steve Delabar followed, got out of the 7th, but gave up a single and a walk to start the 8th.
  • Aaron Loup came in and stranded the runners.
  • Casey Janssen pitched the 9th. And I aged 10 years. But he got the save. He gave up 2 singles to start the inning, though Reyes should have had the second one and turned it into a double play. I wish Reyes had some range. Then Ortiz hit the ball a mile, but way foul. Casey struck out Ortiz and got Mike Napoli to hit into a double play. Another nice play for Lawrie, ball hit to him, steps on third and throws a strike to first.

All our offense did was hit the ball hard. We had 4 home runs: 2 from Edwin, 1 each from Melky Cabrera and Erik Kratz. We also had 4 doubles, 2 from Melky, 1 each from Jose Reyes and Dioner Navarro. Anthony Gose had the nicest bunt single you'll ever seen. In all we had 11 hits.

Oh Zaun, that was a 'statement game'.

Jays of the Day: Loup (.193), Edwin (.221), Cabrera (.168), Kratz (.099). And I'm giving one to Lawrie for that play (please let him play 3rd everyday) and one to Farrell for that idiot bunt that helped us out of the 6th.

Suckage: Delabar (-.130).

Source: FanGraphs

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