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Edwin Encarnacion hits 2 home runs again, Jays beat Red Sox

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Jim Rogash

Blue Jays 6  Red Sox  4

Yet again, closer than it needed be. 

I really think it is time to cut ties with Esmil Rogers. He comes into the game with a 5 run lead and then gives up 3 hits, while just getting just 1 out. Add in a single given up by Brett Cecil, coming in to relieve him (if Melky had decent range, that would have been a fly out. Pillar should have been in for defense), and the 5 run lead became a 2 run lead. Steve Delabar used 1 pitch to get the last out in the 8th. I hoped Gibby would let him have the 9th but I can understand him wanting use Janssen. Don't take chances. But then, bring Rogers into the game was taking a pretty big chance. 

Drew Hutchison wasn't as good as he was last time out, but he got us 5.2 innings, allowing just 1 run off 6 hits, 2 walks with 4 strikeouts. 

Aaron Loup did nice job in relief, getting us 4 outs, giving up just a walk. 

Casey Janssen, pitched the 9th, getting his 5th save. It would have been nice to give him the night off, but I'm loving having him back to pitch the 9th. 

On offense, again it was the Edwin Encarnacion show. He drove 2 more pitches over the green monster, bringing home 3 runs. 

Adam Lind had a single and a triple. Jose Reyes and Dioner Navarro had 2 hits each as well. Anthony Gose drove in a run with a single and took a walk, he's been very impressive this call up. Jose Bautista had a tougher time at the plate, at least is first couple of times up, but he took 2 base on balls. The only Jay not to reach base was Brett Lawrie, though he was robbed by Buchholtz on a bouncer up the middle. 

Jays of the Day are Hutchison (.167 WPA), Janssen (.094), Edwin (.196) Navarro (.111) and Reyes (.095).

Suckage goes to Rogers, even though his -.080 didn't hit the mark, he caused us too much drama. I'm going to give one to Melky too (-.091), plus not getting to that fly ball that Brock Holt hit off Cecil. 

So tomorrow Zaunie can tell us that we have another 'statement game'. Personally I think we made a statement with the first two games. Not that I'm against a sweep. 

I love beating the Red Sox. 

Source: FanGraphs

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