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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job John Gibbons is doing?

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We did this a few days ago, on Alex Anthopoulos, unfairly after the team had lost 3 games in a row. The results: 

  • 29% approved 
  • 41% were neutral
  • 30% did not approve 

With John Gibbons? Well, we are winning at the moment. What we think of the manager seems to hinge on whether the team won or lost the last game. If we win again today, I'm going to love the guy, at least for a day. 

I have always kind of liked Gibby. No manager is going to run things the way we'd like. And they are closer to the players than we are, they know thing we don't know. I've often thought he was too impatient, that he'll give up on young players too quick. 

I like that he tries things with the batting order. Moving Lind up a spot and Edwin down a spot was an good move, other than Edwin has gotten very hot with the bat, it would be good to get him more at bats. I did like that he tried Bautista in the 2 spot last year. I did think that he should have been able to explain it to Jose in a way that would get him to buy in, but since Jose didn't buy in, he did have to give up on it. 

Then, he does other things with the lineup I hate. Running up Izturis to the 2 spot because of 'bat control'. Just a stupid idea. Again...he's closer to the players than we are, I think putting the player in a spot that makes him comfortable is more important than putting the perfect lineup together. 

I have generally liked how he runs his bullpen, other than I hate the 8 man thing. And I could do without him managing to the save, but I understand why he does it. He, like most managers, seems to pick the relievers he trusts and uses them in all tight games. The other guys....well they have to work to get his confidence. 

I don't like that he tends to leave in his starters one batter too long. I like managers that pull the pitcher one batter too early. 

Other than that? He's good with the press. I don't mind that he showed a temper with the umpire last night. The Red Sox were complaining on every strike called and it seemed to affect the umpire. His strike zone got smaller as the game went on. I'm happy that Gibby complained. 

I would like to talk to him sometime. I think he would be an interesting interview. 

I really should stop calling him Gibby.....