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Game 50 GameThread: A's @ Jays

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Go Jays Go

Tom Szczerbowski

Game two of the weekend series with the A's. Game one was a success. And the dome will be open, wish I was there, though it is a beautiful out here too.

Speaking of the beautiful city of Calgary, if you are within a day's drive of here and would like to watch a game and share a beer or two with your friendly neighborhood blogger, let's meet up at Moose McGuires for Monday's game. I'm going to phone there later today to make sure they will show the game on one of their 20 odd TV's.

Today we get R.A. Dickey trying to prove he can pitch effectively with the dome open. Our old friend Jesse Chavez is starting for the A's. Well, friend is overstating things. If he was a friend he would have pitched as good for us as he is for the A's.

We have the new standard lineup for facing right-handers going today. Lawrie at 2B (I'm still not sold on the idea), Francisco at 3B (really not sold on that, but we might as well ride out his hot streak with the bat for as long as it lasts). Anthony Gose is in CF and Dickey's personal catcher, Josh Thole is behind the plate. If Navarro had trade value, I'd be suggesting we shop him. I guess Buehrle likes throwing to him, but we can't have 5 personal catchers, one for each guy in the rotation. Soon we'll have relievers that want certain catchers and we'll be making double switches to bring in Brett Cecil's favorite catcher when he enters a game, then have to change to Steve Delabar's favorite.

Today's Lineups

Coco Crisp - CF Jose Reyes - SS
Derek Norris - C Melky Cabrera - LF
Josh Donaldson - 3B Jose Bautista - RF
Brandon Moss - 1B Adam Lind - 1B
Yoenis Cespedes - DH E. Encarnacion - DH
Josh Reddick - RF Juan Francisco - 3B
A. Callaspo - 2B Brett Lawrie - 2B
Eric Sogard - SS Josh Thole - C
Craig Gentry - LF Anthony Gose - CF
Jesse Chavez - RHP R.A. Dickey - RHP

Remember we have rules around here. Some reminders, don't talk about illegal streams,don't argue the rules, don't piss off the mods and don't be terrible. Also no Gifs or pictures until the game ends.