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R.A. Dickey pitches great in the sunshine, Jays beat A's

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Anyone up for a 'statement game'.

Tom Szczerbowski

A's 2 Blue Jays 5

50 games in we are 28 and 22, first place in the AL East.

R.A. Dickey was dominant today. He allowed just 5 hits. Yoenis Cespedes was the only one to hit him hard, tagging him for a home run and a triple. Beyond that there was a soft single, a bunt single and a bloop single. And he allowed just 1 walk, in the 9th inning. He gave up the walk and a bloop single in the 9th and Gibby pulled him. Hopefully we can shut up about him pitching better with the roof closed. 

We had drama in the 9th. Dustin McGowan gave up a single and Cecil came in, gave up a sac fly (the out was much more important than the run) and then struck out Alberto Callaspo to end the game and get a save. 

On offense, Brett Lawrie hit a home run and we enjoyed some lousy A's defense to help us score more:

  • We got a run in the 3rd when Josh Thole singled, Anthony Gose replaced him on a force out to second. Then, with Gose running on the pitch, Melky Cabrera singled to left and left field Craig Gentry bobbled the ball and Gose scored.
  • We got 3 in the 5th. Brett Lawrie left off the inning with a home run. Then back-to-back singles by Gose and Jose Reyes gave us runners on the corners. A wild pitch moved Reyes to second. Melky bounced one down to first base that Brandon Moss booted and both Gose and Reyes scored on the error. 
  • We scored 1 more in the 7th. Reyes doubled, and scored from second on a Cabrera ground out to short. Just a great play. 

The A's made 2 official errors, but had a few other misplays that helped us out. 

Jays of the Day are Dickey (.279),Cabrera (.259, helped by great base running in front of him). I'll give honorary mention to Gose, Reyes, Lawrie and Cecil. 

Suckage? Bautista had the number (.114). He had some bad luck, hitting a couple of balls hard at fielders, but he hit into two double plays. 

Winning beats losing everyday.

Source: FanGraphs

We had 1262 comments in the game thread, pretty good for a Saturday afternoon. Reyden beat me out for the win today, great job. 

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