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Great start from J.A. Happ, Jays sweep A's

Tom Szczerbowski

A's 1 Blue Jays 3

A sweep. Statement games are fun. Sweeping the team that had the best record in baseball is a good feeling. 

J.A. Happ had a great start. I really haven't been a fan, but if he keeps pitching like this, I'll gladly buy a shirt with his  name and number. He allowed just 4 hits (3 singles and a double) and 3 walks in 7 innings. 3 runners made it as far as 2nd base. He also had 7 strikeouts. He is a fly ball pitcher, had 9 fly outs to 3 ground outs, but I only remember 1 fly out that made it as for as the track and Melky Cabrera made an interesting catch on...making a couple of turns before catching it at the wall. Just a great job by Happ, who hit 95 on the radar many times. 

Dustin McGowan allowed a home run in his inning and didn't look overly sharp, but he got the job done. 

Casey Janssen did his usual great job in the 9th for his 7th save. 

On offense, again we did enough. More runs would have been ok by me, but we'll forgive since we won:

  • Edwin Encarnacion hit his 14th home run in the 1st inning. 
  •  We loaded the bases in the 5th, on singles by Kevin Pillar and Jose Reyes, and a walk to Melky. Jose Bautista singled to left, scoring Pillar, but Yoenis Cespedes threw out Reyes trying to score. With no outs, I would have liked Luis Rivera to have held Reyes up at 3rd. Cespedes has a great arm (he already had an assist this series), but then I'm not sure Reyes would have stopped even if Rivera had the stop sign up. It was close, but no outs, I don't see the point in forcing things. Edwin followed with a pop up to center field, that fell between fielders. Unfortunately, Bautista was forced out going to second. It was a very close call, Gibby appealed but they didn't overturn it. I saw the replay a dozen times, and I'm not sure if he was safe. Brett Lawrie ground out to end the inning. We only got 1 run off the bases loaded. 
  • In the 7th, Reyes led off with a single. He stole 2nd and 3rd and Jose Bautista cut down on his swing nicely and hit a sac fly to left. I thought it was a great job by Bautista, and, of course great running by Reyes. 

We had 10 hits and 4 walks...should have added up to more than 3 runs. Reyes, Dioner Navarro and Steven Tolleson had 2 hits each. The only starters not to have a hit were Erik Kratz (0 for 4) and Melky (0 for 3 with the walk). 

Reyes finally looks healthy and is running great. He went from second to third on a ground out to short that was as nice a play as you are going to see. I hope he stays healthy.

Jays of the Day are Happ (.431 WPA), Reyes (.135) and Edwin (.114).

Suckage goes to Kratz (-.176). I feel bad giving it to him because he did a great job behind the plate, and it really looks like he's meshing well with Happ. 

Source: FanGraphs

We had a pretty amazing 2,163 comments in our GameThreads. I was looking for a 2000 comment day, but didn't figure it would come on a Sunday afternoon. Great job all. Modesty forbids me from mentioning who led us to that number, but the leader did a terrific job, gritting out a win.

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1 Tom Dakers 177
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