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Calgary meet up

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This isn't me.
This isn't me.
Renee McKay

Self indulgent post time.

I've mentioned this in the game thread, but if anyone in the Calgary area would like to meet up for tomorrow's game and, perhaps, a beer or two, I'm (and at least a couple of other banterers) are going to go to Moose McGuire's:

1941 Uxbridge Drive NW Calgary, Alberta 
Stadium Shopping Plaza - across from Foothills Hospital

So if you can, come join us. I'll try to get there for 4:45. Look for the doofus in the BBB teeshirt with the Blue Jays maple leaf cap that has 'Bluebird Banter' embroidered on the side. I'll be at the table next to him.  


Oh....and tomorrow's game recap might be a little late and slightly slurred.