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Jays Win Battle Of Zeno's Paradox, Beat Rays 10-5

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Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry folks, no standard Gerse recap.  Tom's occupied, so until he gets back here's a placeholder.  Talk about the Jays game, the Dodgers game, Ancient Greece, Yu Gi Oh, and anything else you see fit.  But mostly the Jays game, since this is (kind of) a recap thread, after all.

The Jays' bats overcame a poor start by Drew Hutchison, scoring two in the 1st, three in the 4th, four in the 5th and one in the 6th, to give you the chart below if you ignore the labels on the axes.

Apparently the average Ancient Greek wasn't too good at identifying fallacies.

Here's the moderately exciting win probability graph:

Source: FanGraphs

Jays of the Day: Melky Sr. (.230 WPA, 3-3, 1 BB) , Edwing (.131, 3-5, HR), and Dinner (.156, 2-5, HR).  Hutch has the Suckage number at -.255.

Game two goes tomorrow at 7:07.  Alex Cobb takes on the pitcher the BBWAA wishes Jack Morris was as the Jays go for their 8th straight win.