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MLB Draft 2014: Keith Law Releases Second Mock Draft

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law released his second mock draft this morning in anticipation of the first-year player draft beginning on June 5th. He has California high schooler LHP Brady Aiken going first to the Houston Astros with Rodon and Kolek going second and third to the Marlins and White Sox respectively. If you'll recall, in his first mock draft he had the Blue Jays taking pitchers Touki Toussaint and Jeff Hoffman with the #9 and #11 picks. Well this is anti-climatic isn't it.....In his second mock draft he has the Blue Jays taking pitchers Touki Toussaint and Jeff Hoffman with the #9 and #11 picks!

About the Florida high school pitcher Touki Toussaint, Law had this to say:

The Jays pick again two spots later, and they aren't on many of the same names the Mets (picking in between) are, so the order may not matter much. Their scouting staff is suddenly very high on Trea Turner -- maybe since he started to hit well in the final month of NC State's season -- and he's the one non-pitcher who seems to seriously be in their mix, with Derek Hill a dark horse.

The Jays and Phillies are also on Canadian outfielder Gareth Morgan, who would be an overdraft here but probably goes before either team picks in the second round.

Morgan is an interesting name considering he's been a well known player in Canada for a while, but isn't really ranked anywhere near the top ten on any draft boards from the sounds of it. I'd be floored if the Blue Jays took him in the first round, but here's a video of him because he's Canadian:

Jeff Hoffman has been talked about around here so much I feel as though he's already on the Blue Jays, but according to the internet he isn't officially on the team yet. Law had this to say about the East Carolina RHP:

The Jays grabbing Hoffman -- who had Tommy John surgery a few weeks ago -- is another strong consensus in the industry, like the Twins with Nick Gordon. Other players the Jays have been linked to include Grant Holmes and Sean Reid-Foley.

Hopefully all these mocks are accurate because we're pretty all-in on Jeff Hoffman as a Blue Jays draftee come next week. I previewed his stuff in more depth here and Woodman663 did a fantastic piece on the mechanics of the two players that Keith Law has mocked to the Blue Jays in both drafts.

There will be a piece up previewing Touki Toussaint in more detail sometime later this week. REMINDER: LESS THAN 10 DAYS UNTIL THE DRAFT. Better enjoy it this year because the Blue Jays will be picking at the back end of the the first round in 2015.