The Life and Times of Colby Rasmus

Every year the same conversation must be had with my girlfriend: Is Colby Rasmus "cute" again?

For all the great baseball that Colby Rasmus has brought us, he has caused a rift in our relationship as we try to determine whether or not he is still attractive to the female demographic. Recently we took a drive up to Toronto to see Colby in action but sadly he was on the Disabled List (Probably from hurting his neck while making the GIF below), seeing him on the field was not going to happen but we still have the internet!



A recent conversation was had on Google Hangouts with my "fan by association" girlfriend and we recapped the growing up of Colby.

When Colby first emerged on the scene, we can go back and pull up a photo like so:



This prompted a 'ding' sound and a "oh hey there, look at this little cutie".

Soon after she saw that photo, she went ahead and sent this one:



Again, the ding of the chat the following message: "oh okay, well adulthood happens! still good looking."

Finally, a last sample photo was sent:



The ding heard around the world, I kind of knew it was coming. Her reaction...


Except she didn't say fudge...

Is Colby Rasmus "cute" again? - Well I think we need your help!

I think it all comes down to the hair...

Share your favorite Colby photos below and help us out!

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