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Game 55 GameThread: Royals @ Blue Jays

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Ed Zurga

The start of a new series, four games against the Royals. We have R.A. Dickey starting. The nice thing is that, after his last start we don't have to worry so much about whether the roof is open or closed.

Dickey is 5-4 with a 3.95 ERA on the season. His May has been much better than April was, he's 3-1 with a 2.73 ERA in May, 5 starts, 33 innings, 13 walks and 24 strikeouts.

James Shields is 6-3 with a 2.95 ERA, but his May hasn't been as good, 4.05 ERA, 5 starts, 33.1 innings, 6 hits, 22 strikeouts. Career, against the Jays, he is 12 and 6 with a 3.09 ERA, but then this is a different Blue Jays team than the ones he has faced in the past.

Today's Lineups

Norichika Aoki - RF Jose Reyes - SS
Omar Infante - 2B Melky Cabrera - LF
Eric Hosmer - 1B Jose Bautista - RF
Billy Butler - DH Adam Lind - DH
Alex Gordon - LF E. Encarnacion - 1B
Salvador Perez - C Juan Francisco - 3B
Lorenzo Cain - CF Brett Lawrie - 2B
Alcides Escobar - SS Josh Thole - C
Pedro Ciriaco - 3B Anthony Gose - CF
James Shields - RHP R.A. Dickey - RHP

Remember we have rules around here. Some reminders, don't talk about illegal streams,don't argue the rules, don't piss off the mods and don't be terrible. Also no Gifs or pictures until the game ends.