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Money might be 'tight' for draft

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Shi Davidi has a post about how Brandon Morrow's progress from his finger injury might be very important for the Blue Jays as the team might not have the money to add a pitcher at the trade deadline, but buried in the story was this:

money is so tight the Blue Jays won’t even have their usual war chest for next week’s draft.

Now it seems to me that that is an important enough bit of news, something that is too interesting to be buried in a story about something else. The Jays have always spent fairly freely on the draft. That they might not be allowed to spend this year is interesting and more than slightly depressing.

Now this might just be a throwaway line that Shi didn't think too much about but, under Alex Anthopoulos' reign, the team has used the draft to build up minor league system. Maybe he is guessing that the team won't have money for draft, though Shi doesn't seem the type to write something that he doesn't know for a fact.

I will be sad if we draft lesser players because they are cheaper.