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RoyalsBlue Jays 6 (10 innings)

Well, we can start another win streak tomorrow. 

That 9th inning was a roller coaster. Casey Janssen, who has been pretty perfect, since coming off the DL. And he was good tonight. It just didn't work out. He got Eric Hosmer to ground out. And then we had what I thought was going to be the play of the game. Billy Butler lined one to right, a one hop right to Jose Bautista and Jose made a perfect throw to first to retire Butler. Your everyday 9-3 ground out. It just seemed like more of everything is going right on our win streak. Course it is also where the fun ended. 

Alex Gordon singled (I thought we got robbed on what should have been a strike three call), Jarrod Dyson pinch ran and stole second, but Casey got Salvador Perez to ground softly to over. But Reyes threw it short of Edwin Encarnacion at first and Edwin couldn't pick it at first. Dyson scored from second on the error.

We didn't score in the bottom of the 9th. 

Todd Redmond came in for the 10th and gave up a single, then hit Pedro Ciriaco, as he was trying to bunt. A sac bunt and a Omar Infante single scored two. 

We had a shot, in the bottom of the inning, Anthony Gose got on base and Reyes had a chance to make up for his error....but he struck out. Greg Holland is good.

Earl Weaver used to talk about 3 run homers, but I'm sure he'd accept 3 2-run home runs. Jose Bautista had 1 of them in the 1st. And Edwin Encarnacion had 2, one in the 4th and 1 in 6th. That makes 16 homers for Edwin in May, and he has 2 games left.

R.A. Dickey wasn't good. Though if you just looked at walks (1) and strikeouts (7) you'd guess he had a pretty good game. Unfortunately he also allowed 10 hits in his 5+ innings. He was pretty lucky to have only allowed 5 earned runs. Gibby still hasn't figured out when to pull RA. After a terrible 5th inning, where RA gave up 3 runs on 5 hits, Gibby leaves Dickey in for the 6th and Dickey gave up a leadoff double and a bunt single. Fortunately, Steve Delabar came in and got a strikeouts, hit a batter and got omar Infante to line into a double play. Yeah we are getting lucky in this winning streak. 

Rob Rasmussen started the 7th and could have gotten out of it...he got a strikeout and then gave up a line drive to the wall by Billy Butler but Bautista got the ball in quick and Butler was caught in no man's land, but Jose Reyes dropped the ball on the transfer, in his rush to throw out Butler. Then Alex Gordon hit a ground ball that Rasmussen made a nice play on, and might have had a shot at a double play but took the out at first. Then he hit Salvador Perez and walked Loerenzo Cain and he was out of the game. Aaron Loup came in, got the third out and pitched a quick 8th. 

We also had a couple of guys picked off first base. Anthony Gose and Melky Cabrera. James Shields has a great move to first. 

That was a bad way to end a win streak, but we are still in first and we can start winning again tomorrow. Reyes doesn't have much range, but, normally, his arm is great. Errors happen. 

Jays of the Day are Edwin (.495), Delabar (.191) and Loup (.265). I'm giving one to Bautista for his .069 plus the amazing throw. 

Suckage goes to Dickey (-.452), Redmond (-.402) and Reyes (-.096, plus the huge throwing error). 

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