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White Sox Claim Moises Sierra

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

I wondered if anyone would take the leap and claim Moises Sierra and someone did, the Chicago White Sox.

As you know Moises wasn't hitting at all for us this year, .059/.086/.059 in 35 plate appearances. Maybe he needed regular at bats, but then if he needs regular at bats, he isn't a good choice for 4th outfielder. He did do a good job for us, at the end of last season, hitting .290/.369/.458  in 35 games.

It is too bad we lost him, but he wasn't doing us any good on active roster and the only way to get off the roster was to expose him to waivers. Kind of the chance Alex had to take.

Bye Moises, I hope things work out for you in Chicago .

It is the second time in recent memory that the White Sox claimed a Jays outfielder off waivers. In August 2009, they claimed Alex Rios off waivers, but that time it was a different type of waivers, the Jays could have pulled Rios back, but the choose to let the White Sox have him and his contract. We can't pull Moises off waivers this time,.