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Around The Nest Blue Jays Minor League Question Thread - Week 9

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So sexy
So sexy
Jersey & cap: courtesy of Buffalo Bisons; background and photo composition by Minor Leaguer

Once again we have reached the promised land known as "Friday." And is there a better way of starting off your weekend than tuning into "Around The Nest" this afternoon at 5 pm Eastern to hear about the goings-on in and around Blue Jays minor league affiliates?

Missed this week's episode? Listen in here!

For those new to the blog, "Around The Nest" is a weekly audio podcast focused on the Blue Jays' minor league system. It is hosted by Lansing Lugnuts' broadcaster Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and he goes around the nest to speak with the broadcasters for every single active affiliate. This week, the show will start with the folks in Dunedin, then moving on up to New Hampshire, then Buffalo, and finally back to Lansing.

Bluebird Banter is very proud to have partnered up with them this season, and you as readers are asked to submit your questions about any Jays minor league player or team right here in the comments (before the show starts). The broadcasters will do their best to answer as many of them as possible during the podcast. All the broadcasters have seen the games live with their naked eye, so they can give you very good insight that you might miss by looking at boxscores.

I will start it off with three questions:

  • For Tom Gauthier and Bob Lipman in New HampshireAaron Sanchez struggled mightily on Saturday, walking 4 and giving up 6 runs (only 3 earned) without recording an out in his start, then he followed it up with another less-than-stellar outing last night. What's going on with the righty? Why hasn't he been striking people out in his last couple of starts?
  • For Tyler Murray and Al Hernandez in Dunedin: Derrick Chung is riding an impressive 13-game hit streak and is now batting .331/.411/.453. Is he making good solid contact during this stretch, or did he get some luck with seeing-eye singles? How has he looked behind he plate defensively and with his game-calling?
  • For Ben Wagner in Buffalo: How 'bout those Bisons affiliate "throwback" jerseys!