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Marcus Stroman likely to start for Blue Jays Saturday

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Stroman is on his way from Buffalo, to make Saturday's start for the Blue Jays. That's the plan at the moment. I would guess that Bobby Korecky would be going back down to Buffalo but maybe it will be someone else.

The idea seems to be that they want to watch Drew Hutchison's innings. He's already thrown 65 innings and May isn't over yet. Coming off Tommy John surgery, I can understand them being cautious with him. He is doing a great job, but there has been a drop of velocity in his last couple of starts, since the complete game shutout.

I've been wanting to see Stroman get a start. Of course, it would be Saturday, when I have to be away from the TV for the day. I get the feeling the Blue Jays know my schedule and plan things for when I'm going to be away. Stroman has had 2 starts for the Bisons since the Jays sent him back down. They weren't great. Over the 2 games, he's pitched 9 innings allowed 10 hits, 7 earned, with 2 walks and 9 strikeouts.

I wonder, if he looks good Saturday, could he get Liam Hendriks' spot in the rotation? Hendriks hasn't looked good, though he's been keeping the opposition off the scoreboard.

Update: Alex Anthopoulos, on Jays Connected, said that Stroman was scatched in case the Jays use up their bullpen again tonight and need someone tomorrow that could go multiple innings our of the pen. I really don't buy that one, but you never know.

The timeline for all this intrigue is in Minor Leaguers