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Blue Jays recall Marcus Stroman, DFA Bobby Korecky

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Look who is back.
Look who is back.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

That really isn't fair for Bobby Korecky.

They call him up.

He pitches, and gets all four batters he faces.

And then they DFA him.

Not fair at all.

Anyway, as we knew before hand, Marcus Stroman is on his way to Toronto. He's going to start tomorrow. The plan is to keep Mark Buehrle on his normal rest, he'll still start Sunday. After the off day, Drew Hutchison will start Tuesday, unless there is more they aren't telling us yet.

They do want to watch Hutchison's innings, so pushing him back, now and then, won't hurt. Hutch has seen a drop in velocity, but Gibby is saying there is no injury, they are just worried about fatigue. Course...they aren't going to say 'yeah his arm is about to fall off'. I won't say I'm not worried about him.

Late note, it is possible that Korecky could be going down on 'optional waivers', he does have an option left. So he'd be designated for assignment but , if he clears, he could be optioned to Buffalo.