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Game 57 GameThread: Royals @ Jays

Tom Szczerbowski

Game 3 in the 4 game set against the Royals. The first 2 games haven't been so much fun.

It is also the last game of the month of May, and May has been a great month for the Jays, and an amazing month for Edwin Encarnacion.

Today Marcus Stroman gets his first major league start. I don't know what to expect from him, I'm sure he can be good, but it might take a few starts to get there and I'm not sure the Jays have enough patience to wait for that.

Aaron Brooks starts for the Royals, looking at Wikipedia, Aaron Brooks is a point guard for the Denver Nuggets. Maybe that's a different Aaron Brooks. This Aaron Brooks is making his first MLB starts. He's had one relief appearance, he went 2 innings, allowed 7 hits, 6 earned with 2 strikeouts.


Reyes, SS Aoki, RF
Cabrera, LF Escobar, SS
Bautista, RF Hosmer, 1B
Encarnacion, DH Butler, DH
Lind, 1B Gordon, LF
Lawrie, 2B Valencia, 3B
Francisco, 3B Hayes, C
Navarro, C Dyson, CF
Gose, CF Ciriaco, 2B
Stroman, P Brooks, P

Remember we have rules around here. Some reminders, don't talk about illegal streams,don't argue the rules, don't piss off the mods and don't be terrible. Also no Gifs or pictures until the game ends.