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Plus Ca Change Plus C'est La Meme Chose Weekend Links

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Justin K. Aller

Is it still 2013?


Toronto Blue Jays’ bullpen faces possible shakeup after blowing another late lead | National Post
Regular closer Casey Janssen has been on the disabled list all season

Changes loom for Blue Jays as bullpen implodes again: Griffin | Toronto Star
One possibility for the next two weeks is moving Dustin McGowan out of the rotation and back to the bullpen.

Blue Jays prospect Cardona has elbow surgery -
Well-regarded Toronto Blue Jays pitching prospect Adonys Cardona underwent surgery this week to repair a broken elbow suffered while throwing a pitch for single-A Lansing.


MLB to review pine tar rule after season | Toronto Star
Yankees' Michael Pineda suspended 10 games for foreign substance on neck. Baseball clarifies catch/transfer rule for infielders.

LSU Outfielder Makes One Of The Best Catches You'll Ever See
LSU entered the bottom of the 9th in College Station tonight up 4-0 on Texas A&M. A Tigers pitching meltdown, though, left the bases loaded and the game tied with two outs. A deep opposite-field liner from Aggies infielder Blake Allemand appeared to be a walkoff game-winner—until the LSU left fielder jumped.

Cardinals Fan Makes A Mess Out Of Catching Foul Ball
In the seventh inning of yesterday's Cardinals-Cubs game, Mark Ellis hit a foul ball down the right field line and into the stands. Our man, in enemy territory, was in perfect position for a free souvenir. But then that ball kept hurtling at him and soon, it was too late. The ball was on him and he turned a great fan experience into a Ric Flair meeting with a turnbuckle.

Starter Durability, Overtaxed Bullpens and the Upcoming Summer of Attrition | FanGraphs Baseball
It was a cold April throughout most of the country, and for that reason and others, the recent downward trend in run-scoring has continued. Before long, though, the summer heat will set in, and baseballs will begin flying out of ballparks more often, with pitching staffs bearing the brunt.

The Worst of the Best: The Month’s Wildest Pitches | FanGraphs Baseball
Here, we’re going to look at the wildest pitches thrown in April, and thrown in March, too, since March only had a couple days of games.

Expected Run Differentials | FanGraphs Baseball
A few weeks ago, I posted an early look at the wOBA differential for each team in Major League Baseball. By simply focusing on the linear weight value of the hits that teams have both accrued and allowed, I think we get a better look at a team’s actual performance, rather than including the noise that comes from the sequences of events, which is inherently baked into runs and wins.

The Worst of the Best: The Month’s Wildest Swings | FanGraphs Baseball
Here is a link to Thursday’s first part, and here is a link to the complete series archive.

Simulating and Identifying Platoon Players – The Hardball Times
Platoons, they are great when they work out. The thought of two seemingly overlooked players coming out of nowhere and teaming up for some serious production piques my interest. The thought of a platoon performing at an all-star level for a fraction of the price is even more exciting.

10 Lessons I Have Learned about Win Probability Added – The Hardball Times
Ten years ago, I wrote an article called The One About Win Probability (Friends was a big hit on TV at the time), and it has turned out to be the most-read article in THT’s history.

10 Lessons I Have Learned about Defensive Statistics – The Hardball Times
Like many baseball analysts of my generation, my sabermetric interest was inspired by several revolutionary books in the 1980s.

10 Lessons I Have Learned about Creating a Projection System – The Hardball Times
How did ZiPS come about?

10 Lessons I Learned About the Baseball Economy – The Hardball Times
I’ve been asked to conclude the series by writing about baseball’s economy, but before we dive in the things I’ve learned, let’s make it clear that I am decidedly not an expert economist.

#Yosted: Is Royals Manager Ned Yost Actually Making Worse Bullpen Decisions Than Everyone Else? «
After the game, Kansas City Star beat writer Andy McCullough asked Yost why he didn’t use Holland in that spot. After all, the Royals skipper had tapped Holland to enter the ninth inning of a tie road game in the season’s opening contest.


The San Francisco Zoo Got A New Red Panda and He's Adorable
Next weekend, the San Francisco Zoo will introduce the world to its new 10-month-old male red panda, but we got our hands on some early behind-the-scenes photos of the tiny panda.


Baseball History May 4th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1989 Junior Felix becomes the 53rd player in major league history to hit a home run in his first at-bat. The Blue Jay rookie's initial blast comes off California's Kirk McCaskill in a 10-inning loss to the Angels, 3-2.

2001 En route to a Blue Jay 8-3 victory over Seattle, Raul Mondesi collects 12 total bases. The outfielder's 4-for-4 performance includes two home runs, a pair of doubles and six RBIs.