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Gose sent to Buffalo. Plus a bit of a roster rant

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Bye Anthony
Bye Anthony
Jared Wickerham

I don't understand the Blue Jays sometimes.

Marcus Stroman is called up, I think the obvious move is to send out Chad Jenkins. Either that or DFA Esmil Rogers or Todd Redmond. But no, we get rid of our one real outfielder on the bench. Also our best pitch runner. Easily the best guy to fill in center field for Colby Rasmus, if say we wanted to rest his sore hamstrings for a game. He's the guy we send out.

So our bench (well after we get back to AL rules games, stupid pitchers battering), Erik Kratz, Josh Thole and Steve Tolleson. If you are keeping score, that's 2 backup catchers and a jack of all trades. But then Dioner Navarro is still day to day, I guess.

Still if a non-catcher comes out of the game, any non-catcher come out of the game Tolleson fills his spot. If a second one has to come out of the game? I guess Thole would move to first and Edwin Encarnacion would move to where ever needed. Someone tell Brett Lawrie not to drop his batting gloves anywhere close to an umpire.

And, added into the dumb, Gose can't come back for 10 days (unless there is an injury) in the (very likely if you ask me) case that we suddenly decide a fourth outfielder is a good idea. I guess Darin Mastroianni is next up.

Anyways, Stroman is up, at the moment to help in the bullpen. And, man, does the bullpen need help.

What I think will happen is Dustin McGowan makes today's start, Stroman follows him as the 'long man'. Then, after today's start, McGowan goes into the pen and Stroman makes the start the next time through the rotation.

What I think happened is Gibby really wants McGowan in the bullpen. I think he only trusts Cecil, Loup and Delabar, and he remembers how good McGowan was in the pen last year and figures having four guys he trusts would be better than three.

I'd imagine he phoned Alex after last nights game and said 'hey, my job is clearly on the line, let me go down the way I want. Let's put McGowan back in the pen. I'm happier like that'.

Alex would have said something like 'Well, McGowan is scheduled to start tomorrow, and it's too late to change that. It would be unfair to him and unfair to Stroman, but I'll call Stroman up and he can help out the pen for a couple of days and then you can put him in the rotation. Deal. And yeah, your job and my job are on the line.'

It is also possible that McGowan is very good today and J.A. Happ isn't good tomorrow and Gibby decides to give Stroman Happs spot, but clearly Gibby doesn't trust Happ in the pen at all. Happ hasn't pitched since April 23rd, which really doesn't set him up well for tomorrow's start. I hate putting guys into spot where it is unlikely they will succeed, but that's where we are.

I really don't understand sending out Gose. To me it is dumb. When is the next time Jenkins is likely to pitch? It will likely be a mop up spot that Rogers or Redmond could just as easily take. Why a 8th man in the bullpen over a fourth outfielder I have no idea. It seems a dumb way to run a team.

Who is more likely to get you a win? Gose who could, at least, pinch run in an important moment of a game or Jenkins, Rogers or Redmond, who will come into games that are already decide?