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Jays score early, and HOLD ON TO THE LEAD

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Here is Josh Thole not blocking the plate, but putting the tag on Marlon Byrd.
Here is Josh Thole not blocking the plate, but putting the tag on Marlon Byrd.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 3   Phillies 0

I don't think anyone could have expected a better start out of J.A. Happ, considering a) he hasn't pitched for 12 days and b) he's, you know, J.A. Happ.

Happ pitched 5 scoreless innings, he allowed 3 hits and 4 walks, so it was a bit of a magic trick to get through the 5 innings without allowing a run. Let's say he was good when he had to be and pretend that works.

Our offense did enough. Jose Reyes started the game with a home run. We scored another run that inning. Melky Cabrera singled, he moved up to second on a Edwin Encarnacion ground out and then scored on a Juan Francisco single.

We scored another run in the 2nd, Colby Rasmus took a leadoff walk and Josh Thole followed with an RBI double.

And breaking from the habit the team has been following over the last couple of weeks, the bullpen made the lead hold up. Esmil Rogers was helped out by a terrific throw from Jose Bautista, to get Marlon Byrd trying to score on a fly out to right field. I didn't think Jose had a shot at him. It was challenged by the Phillies on the 'blocking the plate' rule but Thole clearly wasn't blocking the plate. Byrd had tripled, and really, on third with no outs, and down three, he shouldn't have tried to score on the first out, unless he was sure.

Rogers, Aaron Loup, Steve Delabar and Brett Cecil (getting the save) kept the Phillies off the board for the final four innings.

And we finally won a challenge!!!

The bad news is that Brett Lawrie came out of the game early with a tight hamstring. He was running to first on a ground out and he pulled up half way.

I'll add the Jays of the Day later, I'm supposed to be doing paid work right now.