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Tuesday Bantering: More on last night

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

With all the understandable negativity around the Jays, it is a surprise to wake up this morning just 1.5 games back of first. We complain a lot, but we have a pretty good team. Anyway, last night:

  • Apparently Brett Lawrie has been dealing with the tight hamstring for a few days now. I do always worry about guys that are full out all the time. I love guys that go hard down the line on every ball, but then they do do that they tend to have these little problems. Vernon Well was full out every on every ground ball, and had continuous hamstring troubles too. Maybe picking spots is the right plan.
  • I'm wondering if Happ's start buys him another start. It is hard to complain about 5 shutout innings, but then, if we are giving him more starts, I would rather Marcus Stroman have stayed in the minors and continued to get starter innings, but he could be useful in the pen. Maybe we can have a poll.
  • Yesterday's Jays of the Day were Happ (.244 WPA), Loup (101), and lets give one to Bautista, because that throw to the plate was a big moment.  No Suckage Jays, though Edwin came close at a -.090 WPA.
  • In case you think it is only Blue Jays relievers that walk people, last night the Yankees reliever Shawn Kelley walked four batters in the 8th inning, including a bases load walk to bring in the go ahead run. Then Matt Thornton came in and walked another run in. Then Girardi brought in Preston Claiborne and he walked in another run. Three runs score and the Angels didn't get a hit. So it does happen to other teams.
  • Casey Janssen started the Fisher Cats game last night. 1 inning, 2 hits, no runs, no strikeouts. First step, I'm sure he wasn't throwing all out yet.
  • Adam Lind was 3 for 5 with 2 doubles, leading off for the Dunedin Blue Jays.  He was 0 for 2 today...and came out of the game after two at bats, but they are playing a doubleheader today, he was scheduled for 4 innings in the first game.
  • Kevin Pillar went 3 for 3 with a triple and 2 walks. He's hitting .419/.468/.581 over his last 10 games. I'd be glad to see the Jays carry a fourth outfielder and Pillar might be the best choice at the moment.

Here is the leader board from last night's GameThread. We had a healthy 953 comments. Kraemer_17 led the way, great job Mr. 17.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Kraemer_17 129
2 Hathorian 84
3 MjwW 78
4 ABsteve 60
5 Gerse 57
6 pashwell 47
7 JaysCraze 46
8 publius varrus 46
9 fishedin 42
10 bluejays13 39
11 Redonred 38
12 Tom Dakers 29
13 radivel 29
14 MartsB 26
15 TFSML 22
16 Pikachu 19
17 Alan F. 17
18 Memoriesof9293 15
19 Stabby 14
20 Bowling_Guy25 12
21 REMO 12
22 Playoffs!!!!1 11
23 bryfryy 10
24 B.Leaf 10