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Blue Jays get 3rd straight win

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 6 Phillies 5 (10 innings)

That might have been the most beautiful single of Jose Bautista's career. Just loved him going against the shift.

It looked like a laugher. We were up 5-0 and Drew Hutchison was cruising along and then he hit the iceberg in the 6th inning. The inning started with a Carlos Ruiz double, and singles from Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, giving the Phillies their first run of the series. Two outs later, Drew walked John Mayberry and grooved one to Cody Asche to allow the grand slam that tied the game.

It stayed tied until the top of the 10th. Melky Cabrera lead off with a single and then Jose Bautista hit the beautiful single to right field, right through where the second baseman would be playing, if the Phillies didn't use the big shift. Melky went to third. I was sure Edwin would hit the sac fly we needed, but he popped out, but then Juan Francisco did hit the sac fly we needed (against a lefty) and we had the lead back.

Hutchison got it together again, after the terrible 6th inning and pitched perfect innings in the 7th and 8th. Good job to suck it up again. If you ignore the 6th, he pitched a great game, those 7 innings, he allowed 5 hits, 0 walks and 0 earned. Unfortunately the 6 inning counts. Add that in and he gave up 9 hits, 1 walk and 5 earned, with 6 strikeouts.

Hutch was also 2 for 3 with the bat.

Our offense had another great game. Edwin hit a solo homer in the 2nd. We scored 4 more in the 4, 3 of them on a Colby Rasmus homer. And 1 more in the 6, Steve Tolleson doubled home Juan Francisco.

In all we had 12 hits. Bautista had 3. Encarnacion and Hutchison had 2. Everyone else in the lineup had 1, except for Jose Reyes who was 0 for 4, with a walk.

The Phillies did help us out by running into a double play in the 2nd. Freddy Galvis hit a comebacker to Drew, and the Jays got Marlon Byrd in a rundown between second and third, when they tagged him, Galvis was halfway between 1st and 2nd and he was caught in a rundown too. A 1-5-6-3-4 double play.

Our bullpen did a great job again. Marcus Stroman picked up his first MLB win, pitching 1.1 scoreless innings, allowing just 1 hit, getting 1 strikeout. Aaron Loup got the last 2 outs and his 2nd save of the year.

Jays of the Day are Stroman (.222 WPA), Loup (.109), Bautista (.327),  and Rasmus (.094).

No Suckage Jays. Reyes had the low mark at -.078.

Hutchison had a -.020 WPA as a pitcher, but a +.040 as a hitter.

We had 1158 comments in the GameThread. Kraemer_17 led the way with 135. Great work.

I might be missing for the next couple of days, my son is having surgery tomorrow and I want to be around for it. So now would be the time to write up the great FanPost you've been thinking about.

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