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Mark Buehrle gets his 10th win, Jays beat Royals

Jays and Royals split the 4 game series.

Edwin slides into second safe. Had Infante made the catch it would have been close
Edwin slides into second safe. Had Infante made the catch it would have been close
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Royals 0 Blue Jays 4

Mark Buehrle was so good, throwing 8 innings of shutout ball, giving up just 6 hits and a walk, with 3 strikeouts. He didn't give up many hard hit balls. He has 12 ground outs and just 3 fly outs. And he made it a nice short game too, at just 2:14.

Aaron Loup pitched a quick 9th.

On offense we had 10 hits and 2 walks. We scored on Dioner Navarro's solo homer in the 2nd and, in the 4th, Juan Francisco led off with a double, Brett Lawrie singled him to third and he scored on an Anthony Gose ground out. And Edwin Encarnacion hit his first home run of June, a 2-run shot in the 8th.

Everyone in the starting lineup had a hit, other than Gose, who was 0 for 3 with a strikeout. Lind and Edwin had 2 hits. Lawrie lost a hit on an challenge by the Royals. He was just out.

We almost had a big first inning. With 2 outs, Jose Bautista walks, Adam Lind singled and Edwin Encarnacion walked. Francisco just missed hitting a grand slam.

There was more than a few bad plays:

  • Edwin lost a popup in the sun, we were lucky it didn't cost us. The ball bounced straight sideways and went foul and Buehrle struck out the batter.
  • Anthony Gose was thrown out trying to go from first to third on a wild pick of throw. A really bad play, it wasn't close and he was the third out of the inning.
  • Royals' Eric Hosmer ran into an out at third, trying to go second to third on a ground ball to the third base side of Jose Reyes, Reyes wouldn't have had a play at first.
  • Fransisco's double, in the forth, was hit right at right fielder Nori Aoki, but it just went off his glove. Don't know why it wasn't an error.
  • Anthony Gose got a poor jump on a popup to center, a play he should have made, instead it was a single.

Jay of the Day is Buehrle (.505 WPA). Let's give Navarro an honorary mention for the home run and doing a good job with Buehrle. And give another honorary mention to Edwin.

No suckage Jays.

Tomorrow's an off-day, then we play the Tigers in Detroit for another series of statement games.

Buehrle was so quick, we only got 1100 comments in the GameThread. Nice job all. Reyden led us to the victory, with a statement GameThread. Winning like a Man. Can't be a contender if yo can't win the big GameThreads.

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