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Happy 22nd Birthday to Blue Jays fan Kate Upton

I just thought yall would want to know that model, actress, and Blue Jays fan Kate Upton turns 22 today. Well I don't know if she's a Blue Jays fan or not, but here she is sporting the Blue Jays alternate cap (which I love) at a game sometime this spring with Lansing Lugnuts knuckleballer Frank Viola III.

The third Viola is good friends with Justin Verlander and Upton. In fact, if you do a Google Image search for "frank viola iii", You basically get a collage of of Verlander and Upton. Last year, a birthday tweet sent by Upton to Viola caused a bit of controversy, when people (read: tabloid journalists) read too much into it. I'm sure an Upton visit would do wonders for the Lugnuts' marketing department, and she'll still be just a hop away from Detroit.

Speaking of Frank Viola III, he made his first start in the Blue Jays organization last night for the Lansing Lugnuts, going four innings, striking out and walking four (along with a hit by pitch). He gave up no runs and just three hits. He even struck out Jamie Moyer's son Dillon. His knuckleball was "legit" according to Chad Hillman, who saw the game live:

According to Hillman, his knuckleball is not all that "angry," sitting at the mid-to-high 60s (although there were a few in the mid-70s) with a low-to-mid 80s fastball. However, he seems to have used his fastball in predictable situations (like when he's behind).

In any case, happy birthday, Kate, and GO JAYS GO!