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Who's up, Who's down: Blue Jays pitchers

Tom Szczerbowski

I don't usually put both these up the same day, but I'm leaving for Baltimore Thursday, so tomorrow is going to be a run around and get everything together day. Our pitchers had a pretty great couple of weeks. We went 8-4 and our pitchers had a 3.22 ERA.



R.A. Dickey

R.A. made 3 starts. One was terrible, 2 were ok. He went 5, 5 and 5.1 innings in the starts. The good news is we won 2 of the 3. He was 1-0 with 1 5.28 ERA. Batters hit .324/.395/.632 against him, with 7 walks and 14 strikeouts Basically, all the batters he faced were Edwin Encarnacion. He gave up 5 home runs. I don't know what's going on with him, other than, maybe he's gotten old.


Mark Buehrle

Mark made 2 good start, allowing just 1 earned run over 15 innings. Unfortunately, we didn't score in one of his starts. He was 1-1, with a 0.60 ERA. Batters hit .208/.288/.340 against him with 6 walks and 9 strikeouts. He's been far better than we could have hoped. He should start the All-Star game.


J.A. Happ

He made two starts and pitched deep into both, which is the good news. He was 1-1, with a 5.79 ERA, in 14 innings. Batters hit .296/.339/.481 against him, with 4 walks and 8 strikeouts. I guess I could just be happy he averaged 7 innings a start and ignore the rest.


Drew Hutchison

Drew had  1 great start (7 shutout innings) and one bad start (3 innings, 5 earned). In all 0-1, 4.50 ERA. Batters hit .231/.244/.410 with 1 walk and 8 strikeouts. He is just 23, coming off Tommy John. We really shouldn't expect consistency.


Dustin McGowan

Dustin made 5 appearances, out of the bullpen, and was amazing. 1 win and 3 holds. He faced 20 batters, allowed 1 hit and 1 walk, with 3 strikeouts. Batters hit .053/.100/.053. We shouldn't question Gibby, he wanted Dustin in the bullpen all along, and he was right.


Casey Janssen

He pitched in 5 games, had 3 saves and 2 blown saves, neither one was his fault. He faced 16 batters, gave up 4 hits, 0 walks and struck out 4. Batters hit .250/.250/.375 against him. He was good, his defense wasn't.


Steve Delabar

Delabar pitched in 3 games, a total of 2 innings. He faced 11 batters, gave up 1 home run, 4 walks and he hit a batter and 3 earned runs. Batters ht .167/.545/.667.  I don't know what is going on with him.


Aaron Loup

Loup pitched in 6 games. He had 1 win, 3 holds and had one blowup allowing 3 hits, 2 walks and 4 earned while getting just 2 outs. In all, 7 innings, 5.14 ERA. Batters hit .136/.296/.182 against him, with 5 walks an 6 strikeouts. I'm going to ignore the one bad appearance.


Brett Cecil

Brett pitched in  3 games, 2 total innings. He had 1 hold. Faced 9 batters, they hit .143/.333/.143 with 1 walk and 2 strikeouts. He was good, but Gibby didn't use him much.


Sergio Santos

Started a rehab assignment.


Marcus Stroman He's had 2 great starts. 2-0, 1.50 ERA. Batters hit .255/.300/.298 with 2 walks and 13 strikeouts. He's not always going to be this good but he is making it look easy.


Todd Redmond

He pitched in 4 games. Took the loss in an extra innings game an ha a 3 inning save. He's been pretty good. 1.80 ERA. Batters hit .282/.333/.308 with 1 walk and 8 strikeouts.


Chad Jenkins

I have a hard time remembering if he is on the team or not (sometimes I think Gibby has the same troubles. He is, at least as I type this. By the time you read it, he could make 2 trips to Buffalo and back. He's pitched in 2 games, 3.1 innings, with no earned runs. He had a hold. He faced 12 batters, allowed 2 hits and a walk, for a .182/.250/.182 line.


Liam Hendriks

He had 1 start in this two week period. He went 6 innings, allowed 3 hits, 2 earned, 0 walks with 5 strikeouts and was sent back to Buffalo. He made good use of his defense. 

Rob Rasmussen pitched in 2 games, faced 6 batters, allowed 2 hits and a walk and was sent back down.