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Blue Jays sign 5th round pick Lane Thomas

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays announced that they have made their third signing from this year's draft Lane Thomas, our 5th round pick. He's a center fielder out of Bearden High School in Tennessee.

The interesting part is that he signed way over slot:

Somewhere they are going to have to save that $407,000. I figured 2nd round pick Sean Reid-Foley was going to be over slot.

So far the Jays have announced the signing of  Thomas, Matt Morgan (4th round pick) and Justin Shafer (8th round pick. The bonuses for Morgan and Shafer aren't known, the Jays try to keep that stuff quiet.

I'll be happy when I hear our first round picks are signed. That's where the problem has been in the past. The quicker they sign the better I'll feel.