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Bad start for J.A. Happ, Jays lose to Twins


Twins 4 Blue Jays 0

You can't win them all, though I wouldn't mind if we did.

J.A. Happ wasn't sharp, even by his standards. He gave up 6 hits, 4 runs, 3 earned, 3 walks with 3 strikeouts, in just 3.2 innings. He threw 89 pitches. He seemed to get to a full count on everyone.

Juan Francisco didn't help him. Happ loaded the bases with no outs, in the fourth, then struck out two and he looked like he might get out of it. Then Danny Santana hit a bouncer down to third. Francisco isn't the quickest at the position, and had no chance to get Santana at first, but threw it in that direction anyway and it ended up in the seats. He should have been smart enough to just eat that one, or maybe they to go home with it. He had more of a shot of getting the runner out at home.

On offense....well we just couldn't get any luck. I don't know how many line drives found Twins' gloves but there were too many. We had 2 on in the first inning and had the bases loaded in the second inning but didn't score and it went downhill from there. We had 7 hits on the day and many other good chances at hits caught. We really should go back to hitting home runs all the time, those don't find gloves.

The good news? Chad Jenkins pitched 3.1 scoreless innings. He looked very good. Steve Delabar pitched what looked like his best inning in a long time. And Brett Cecil also had pitched a scoreless inning.

Jays of the Day? No one had the number, but I'm giving one to Jenkins. If we didn't keep finding gloves, he kept things close enough that we could have made a comeback.

Suckage: Happ (-.213 WPA), Reyes (-.102 for an 1 for 4) and Cabrera (-.095). I'm also giving one to Francisco, he had a -.068 but that didn't count the stupid error.

Tomorrow we have a day game, a 12:30 Eastern start.

Even with the crappy game, we had 1314 comments in the GameThread. Diamond_D86 gutted out the win.

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