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Where has all the offense gone? Long time passing

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Twins 7 Blue Jays 2

They better find the bats again quick, cause I'm on my way to Baltimore tomorrow to watch baseball (I'm not sure what else there is to do in Baltimore) and I don't want to watch this stuff.

Anyway, we had a hard time scoring again. We didn't score until the 8th today, when we got our 2 runs.

Marcus Stroman gave up a 2-run homer in the first, then went 5 more innings allowing just 1 run. He did give up some hard hit balls, but, if our offense was rolling, we'd have been happy with the start. He gave up 9 hits, no walks with 4 strikeouts. Not good enough when we aren't score.

Bobby Korecky had a rough/unlucky inning, he had two infield singles, both times the play at first base was very close. Then a walk and a double to score three. His second inning of work went much better, but by then it didn't matter. Brett Cecil pitched the 9th and gave up another run.

No Jays of the Day today.

Suckage. Edwin had the number (-.139). He has been so good, he should be allowed an off day.

Source: FanGraphs

I'm in the US for a couple of weeks, so I won't be around here all that much but everyone else is here for your dining and dancing pleasure. And, if you have been thinking about doing a FanPost, this would be a great time for it.

We had a pretty decent GameThread, 721 comments, considering it was an awful game and it was a mid-week day game. I led us to defeat.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Tom Dakers 91
2 Pikachu 80
3 Hathorian 71
4 T-Ball 60
5 ABsteve 40
6 jmarples 40
7 Woodman663 39
8 TFSML 37
9 MjwW 28
10 erik.t 26
11 gammaDraconis 17
12 madrush 16
13 stressed 15
14 LordJim401 14
15 rob.magnificent 14
16 StreakyJays 14
17 domefan 12
18 KiddoThe2B 11
19 Goldenhawk99 11
20 JaysfanDL 11