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Orioles beat Blue Jays 4-2 as Toronto's slump continues

Blue Jays 4 @ Orioles 2

Rob Carr

Despite a last-minute desperation challenge on the last play of the game, the Blue Jays fell to the Orioles 4-2 to continue their recent slump.  They have now lost five of their last seven.

Mark Buehrle followed the recent starters' convention and gave up two quick runs on a Delmon Young two-run line-drive homer to left. The Blue Jays weren't shut out, so that's a plus... Melky Cabrera had an RBI single and Edwin Encarnacion scored Jose Bautista on a ground out, but that was it for Toronto.

The challenge came when Darin Mastroianni grounded hit a ground ball to J.J. Hardy at short, who forced out Steve Tolleson at second base. Jonathan Schoop turned and threw to first to end the game on an apparent double play. It look close live, but replays clearly showed that Mastroianni was out by a half-step.

I didn't see too much of the game and have to run now, so I have crowdsourced the recap tonight:


Well the Jays were really great
but not so much late
The team can’t hit
the offense is (redacted)
and Gregg Zaun is a big fat twit

A man named Dankers traveled
Down to B-more town
He saw the Jays lose
He drank much booze
and had lots of crabcakes for dinner

The Jays are the best!
Better then all the rest
But lately they’ve let down your mum
and there offense stinks like your bum
They aren’t playing to up to scratch
regression is a major beeatch

From MjwW (writing in the style of e.e. cummings?):

there once was a team in blue
their bats continued to be "eww"
buehrle mostly did his thing
but the O’s got their swing
hopefully the bats are back in a few

there once was a batter named Ed
in may every ball was dead red
but now it’s june
he’s in a bit of a swoon
and all the bats seem like they’re dead

there once was a pitcher named buerhle
when he starts everybody leaves early
he turned in a decent start
but the bats fell apart
and everyone at BBB is left surly

there once was a game called by buck
the bats failed to produce balls well struck
the jays scored two
which failed by a few
that seems to just be their luck

From erik.t:

If gerse were still here
He’d drink 5 more beer
Go down to his den
And multiply the strike tracker by 10

From ABsteve:

This game was quite dreary
it’s such a shame
my vision is blurry
I drink for the pain
I keep telling myself it could be worse
with Dankers in town
the starter’s unhurt

Thank you all for helping.

Jays of the Day! TFSML, MjwW, erik.t, and ABsteve get honorary Jays of the Day awards.

Suckage Jays: Mark Buehrle (-.140 WPA), Dioner Navarro (-.115), Darrin Mastroianni (-.111), and Edwin Encarnacion (-.095).