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More on last night

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a long day for me. A 6:00 am flight will do that to you.

Flew to Toronto to get the connector to Baltimore. Had a very long walk to check in for the Baltimore flight, clear customs and then get to the other end of the airport to the gate. When we were getting close to the gate, we stopped to check to see if the flight was on time and there was a bit of surprise when we saw the flight was cancelled. Search out an Air Canada desk with someone actually at it. Show her our flight is cancelled, she says "wait here, someone will come help you" and she left. Stood there for a long time, no one came.

Went off looking for a working Air Canada person (they are hard to find) and came across 3 that were talking in what looked like a break room (I don't know what they were taking a break from, it didn't seem like there was a lot of work going on), asked about the flight, was told that we would be on the 4:00 flight, two hours after our flight was to leave.

Walked another long way to find food and then back to the gate for the second flight and yes we had seats.

Guessing...since the second flight was not full, I'd say that Air Canada saw they had two half filled flights to Baltimore, leaving two hours apart and decided to cancel one. I'm not sure why they couldn't have told us about it when we checked in, but I'm chalking it up to "that's Air Canada for you". Note to self, from now on fly in the day before the first game of the series.

Just totally ticked off at Air Canada. I agree with Scott Carson:

Made it to Baltimore about 5:40, got our bags pretty quickly, cab to hotel, throw stuff in rooms. A nice fellow from the hotel walked us to the light rail transit, got to the game and our very nice seats just in time for the national anthems.

It is a very pretty ball park. Lots of good food choices. Had a great crab cake.

The game?

I thought it was going to be good when Reyes got on to start it, then Melky ground out to second and I saw that Reyes wasn't slowing down at second. Oh, oh....Close play but out and that set the tone for the evening. And then the two-run homer Mark Buehrle gave up in the bottom of the inning was a 'this can't be happening again' moment.

The plate umpire was so quiet calling strikes....and slow. Often the players didn't even know what the call was. Beyond that, he was terrible. We had a great view of the strike zone and he had terrible time of it. Steve Tolleson, Darin Mastroianni and Dioner Navarro were each called out on strikes that were inside, off the plate. And I thought the call out of Reyes for being 'inside the line' was terrible too.

That doesn't excuse the bats. It is hard to understand how a team, that was hitting great just a couple of weeks ago, could look so lost at the plate now. Seitzer got a ton of credit for the great offense in May, how much should we blame him for the crappy offense in June.

Dead tired by the end of the game, got on the LRT and, of course, couldn't remember where to get off. Went too far and had a fairly long walk back. You know it isn't good when you ask someone for directions and they say 'walk along this road, not that one, it will be safer.'

Finally got back to the hotel and I was asleep in no time.

Today will be a better day. Off to find some seafood.