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Wayback Video: Todd Redmond plunks Erik Kratz, bench-clearing ensues

Hat tip to shortofbrillant for sharing the video.

Way back in 2012, Gwinnett Brave Todd Redmond threw high-and-inside to Lehigh Valley IronPig Kevin Fransden during a 6-0 blowout. Unhappy words were exchanged between the two. Then Domonic Brown stepped up to the plate and hit a homer off of Redmond and embellished it with a bat flip and a wave to the crowd. Because of the "unwritten rules" of baseball, Redmond punished the next batter, Erik Kratz, for the actions of the two batters before him with a fastball up at the wrists.

Now Redmond and Kratz are teammates with the Blue Jays--I wonder if they ever made up after that incident. Now, doesn't this make you kind of regret that Alex Anthopoulos didn't trade Jose Bautista for Domonic Brown?

I'm guessing the answer is "no".