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Injury News: Brett Cecil Heading To The Disabled List, Brett Lawrie Okay

Greg Fiume

After trying to fight through a groin injury in New York tonight, Brett Cecil confirmed that he will be heading to the disabled list. Relieving Chad Jenkins in the seventh inning this evening, Cecil walked in a run and then gave up a bases clearing three-run triple to Brian McCann putting the game safely out of the Blue Jays reach.

Cecil originally hurt his groin five days ago in Baltimore and after some rest, attempted to give it another shot tonight. Confirmation of Cecil's confirmation came from Gregor Chisolm (among others):

If you're already frustrated with how the Blue Jays handle injuries, then don't read this:

Cecil hasn't exactly repeated his All-Star performance of 2013, but his FIP currently sits at a fantastic 2.29 so maybe a turnaround is in the works for the second half of the season. His BABIP in 2014 is .403, which makes you wonder which baseball god he angered this offseason.

If you're keeping score at home, that's both Blue Jays All-Star relievers (Cecil and Delabar) from last season off the active roster in the span of two days. A corresponding move has not yet been announced, but the 10-day waiting period does not apply to Steve Delabar since Cecil has been placed on the DL, making Delabar available immediately for the recall to Toronto.

In other injury news, Brett Lawrie thinks he'll be okay after taking a ball off the hand tonight (the 'stuff' is an energy drink can):