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Steve Delabar called up

Tom Szczerbowski

Steve Delabar didn't have to put up with minor league bus rides for long, he never even got into a game for the Bisons and now he is back with the Jays, taking the spot left open with Brett Cecil going on the DL.

I figured they might want a middle infielder with Brett Lawrie being out day-to-day. With 3 catchers and 87 guys in the pen, we are a little shot on extra bodies. I imagine we'll see the comedy stylings of Juan Francisco at third base tonight.

I'm hoping for a better game tonight. New Yankee stadium is a great place to watch a game, except for all the Yankee fans, but it would be that much better with a win.

Welcome back Steve, I hope you figure out what was going wrong. And get well quick Brett Cecil (and Brett Lawrie), we are going to need you.