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We lost, let's not speak of this series ever again

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Score : who cares,  we lost.

The bad? Our defence,  our offence and our pitching.

Delabar isn't fixed and I won't be surprised if he is heading back to Buffalo as we speak. Juan and Tolleson each booted a ball.  And Edwin the a ball into left field when they had a runner picked off.

I forgot to mention the totally incompetent umpiring. It was amazingly bad. The phantom runners interference call is worth a rant all of its own but I'm sitting at a bar,  writing on my phone,  so it can wait for another day. Let's just say it was an embarrassment to the profession.

The good?

Give me a moment,  I'm thinking......

Well,  Edwin hit a home run,  so we can hope he'll go on another streak. And ummm no one for hurt.

And there was that one at bat that Juan Francisco didn't strike out.

And,  despite my best efforts, there is still more alcohol in New York.