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Around The Nest Blue Jays Minor League Question Thread - Week 12

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There was a lot going on this past week in the Blue Jays' minor league system. From draft pick signings to promotions to All-Star Games to debuts to injuries to a big brawl down in New Hampshire. This Friday's show will be packed with content!

Around The Nest is a live podcast hosted by Lansing Lugnuts' radio guy Jesse Goldberg-Strassler. Every show, Jesse talks to a broadcaster from each level in the minors, from triple-A Buffalo to rookie-level Bluefield. These broadcasters see almost every single game live, so they can give unique insight into players beyond what we see on the boxscore.

To listen live at 5 pm Eastern, or to catch up on the archived show after it ends, click here!

We at Bluebird Banter have partnered up with Jesse to have this question thread every week. If you have a question about any player, or anything else really, in the minor leagues, be sure to put it in the comments. The broadcasters will try to answer as many of them as they can on the show.

My question of the week is for every single broadcaster: brawls don't happen too often, but when they do there is a lot going on in the field. As a radio broadcaster, how do you describe what's going on for listeners?