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Good start from Mark Buehrle wasted, White Sox beat Jays

Tom Szczerbowski

White Sox 4 Blue Jays 0

I've rarely been so happy to see a month end. Here's to a better July!

Yet again, a very good start from one of our starters is wasted by a lack of offense.

Mark Buehrle went 8 innings, allowed just 6 hits, 2 walk with 5 strikeouts. 12 ground outs, with 2 fly outs. Unfortunately, he gave up 2 runs. He gave up a 2-out ground rule double to Gordon Beckham, followed by a single by Jose Abreu, in the 3rd and a Moises Sierra home run in the 4th. Our starting rotation is giving me hope, the bats will come around at some point, if we can keep getting good starts, all will be good.

Sergio Santos gave up 2 more runs in the 9th. he hasn't looked anything like the pitcher we saw last year.

On offense we did almost nothing. 4 hits in all. 2 from Jose Reyes, 1 each from Darin Mastroianni and Edwin Encarnacion. Mastroianni, unfortunately, followed his single with a bit of stupid base running. With Darin on first, Edwin popped out, foul on the first base side and Darin faked a tag up from first, hoping to draw a throw (maybe a bad one). Well, he and first base coach Tim Leiper failed to notice second baseman Beckham sneaking in behind him. The throw came to Beckham and Mastroianni was an easy out.

Munenori Kawasaki made a couple of very nice plays at second base and that was about all the fun to be had watching this game

My hope is that we've laid to rest the idea that Lind should play against lefties. Please Zaun, shut up about it.

It was nice to see Jose Bautista pinch hit, even if he hit into a ground out. It gives me more hope he'll be back in the lineup on Canada Day.

Jays of the Day? Just Buehrle (.128 WPA). I'm going to give an honorable mention to Reyes (.077) for being the only Jay that could hit Jose Quintana.

Suckage? Well lets just give it to the entire hitting lineup, minus Reyes. And give it to Santos too.

Kind of a quiet GameThread. 519 comments. Spor gets the win, a gritty performance.

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