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Blue Jays trade rumors: David Price, Jeff Samardzija

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Elliot, late last night, posted more on rumors that the Blue Jays are looking at David Price and Jeff Samardzija.

Elliot tells us that the Jays have sent 10 scouts to look at Samardzija, over the past month. So they are serious about him. Elliot also talked to a National League GM about him:

"I like Samardzija a lot," said a National League general manager. "But his make-up reminds me of Brett Lawrie. He's wound, he will take that Notre Dame football attitude to the mound. That can be good as long as he's under control. That can be bad as a pitcher if he humps up at Yankee Stadium and goes ball four, ball four, ball four.

"You don't know what he's going to do in the stretch run. At least I don't."

About Price, Elliot talked to an AL scout if he would do Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris and Dalton Pompey for Price, if he made decisions for the Jays.

"I would do it," said an AL scout, "without hesitation."

Personally I would only give up that much if I was sure Price would stay around for a few years.

Let's make it a poll.