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2014 MLB Draft Day One Thread

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May this be the last time we see him at the draft.
May this be the last time we see him at the draft.
Mike Stobe

The draft is to start at 7:00 Eastern.

We have picks 9 and 11. Teams have 4 minutes and 30 seconds between picks so we should get our first pick by about 7:40 Eastern.

Things speed up for the Competitve Balance Round and the second round; time between picks is to be 1 minute, so it all should just motor by.

On Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis each have a mock draft up. They both are picking Trea Turner and Jeff Hoffman as our numbers #9 and #11 picks. I always want these mock drafts to be wrong, not because I dislike the players they have us picking (though I'm not totally sold on Turner yet) but just because I like to see mock drafts be totally wrong.

Anyway, join in the thread. We have at least an hour to speculate on who the Jays will pick and then find out we are all wrong.