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2014 MLB Draft Day Two Open Thread

Rich Schultz

The first two rounds and supplimental picks are now out of the way. I'm pretty happy with our first 3 choices.

Today we get rounds 3 to 10. And things speed up, it should only be 1 minute between picks, so roughly a half hour between our picks. And, no Bud Selig. Or at least I'm hoping no Bud Selig. If you missed it yesterday, Bud really isn't sure what year it is.

Today's go starts up at 1:00 Eastern and you can follow along at Their coverage will start at 12:30 Eastern, if you didn't get your fill of their talking heads yesterday. If they do it like last year, we shouldn't have Harold Reynolds spouting misinformation.

If you missed it, Woodman663 gave us a great recap of day one and a preview of today. You have time to take a quick look at that before the drafting starts.