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2014 MLB Draft: Blue Jays 4th Round Pick: C Matt Morgan

Rich Schultz

With their fourth round pick in the 2014 MLB Draft, the Blue Jays selected catcher Matt Morgan out of Thorsby High School in Alabama. Standing at 6'1" and 190 lbs., Morgan, born on January 27, 1996, is a right-handed catcher who projects to stay behind the plate going forward. The slot value for this fourth round pick is $458,000 and is the second catcher the Blue Jays have taken in this draft after selecting Max Pentecost 11th overall yesterday.

After the pick, Jim Callis said "The defence stands out. I like the bat too." Morgan was ranked #151 on the BA list and #126 on the list. Unlike many high school catchers drafted for their bats, the Alabama commit stands a good chance at remaining a backstop in pro ball:

Morgan has enough promise offensively and defensively to project as a possible regular. Unlike many of the top catching prospects in the 2014 Draft, Morgan creates little doubt that he'll be able to stay behind the plate. He has solid arm strength, receives the ball well and is an agile defender.