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2014 MLB Draft: Blue Jays 6th Round Pick: LHP Grayson Huffman

Rich Schultz

With their sixth round pick in the 2014 MLB Draft, the Blue Jays have selected LHP Grayson Huffman out of Grayson County College in Texas. As far I can tell this was Huffman's first year in JUCO and he appeared in 11 games (62.1 innings) striking out 74 batters and finishing with an ERA of 3.45. The lefty stands at 6'2" and weighs in at 190 lbs and has a whole junior college named after him (not really).

The slot for this pick is $256,800 and Huffman will likely be a fairly easy sign.

After the pick there seemed to be murmurs that the guys didn't really know who he was, but then Jim Callis said. "pitchability lefty...who throws strikes, can really pitch, solid changeup, probably a #4 or #5 starter". So that sounds.....appealing.