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Bats Continue to Hibernate, Jays Lose Again

Once again the Jays lineup was made to look feeble as the lost their second game in a row.

Tom Szczerbowski

Cardinals 5 Blue Jays 0

For a Jays fan there wasn't a ton to like here.

The Cardinals clobbered Drew Hutchison to the tune of five runs over three innings, including two home runs, and then held their lead. Jamie Garcia looked good and the Jays hit a seemingly unfathomable number of ground balls to third base. It was probably in the 5-7 range in reality, but I was struggling to fathom it at the time.

Toronto managed only four hits, none of them for extra bases. Ultimately there were only two positives to take from this game.

1. The defense. Melky Cabrera made an excellent sliding catch in the fourth that I would have thought there was no way he'd get to. He also had a nice catch earlier in the game. Also Erik Kratz gunned down Peter Bourjos from his knees in the sixth which was fun to watch. I know that Tom has been pretty anti-throwing from the knees in the past, but if he wanted to speak out against it he should have written the game recap.

2. Todd Redmond. Redmond provided five shutout innings of relief, saving the Jays bullpen from a disastrous day and in theory giving the team an opportunity to get back in the game. You know, if they felt like hitting anything.

This loss doesn't feel like the end of the world. In my view there really isn't much shame in losing a series to the Cardinals and if Redmond hadn't been so great this could have set the team up awfully for the next series and that didn't happen. So, small victories.

Jays of the Day: Todd Redmond (.049) and Melky Cabrera for the catch (.026)

Suckage Jays: Everyone else really, but especially Drew Hutchison (-.296)

I apologize that I don't know how to do the comment count and as such am robbing someone of a well-earned win, but y'all are all winners and you know it.