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Blue Jays trade rumors: Joakim Soria

Rich Schultz

The Jays would like bullpen help, no surprise there and Jon Morosi tells us this:

The Rangers are in sell mode, and Joakim has has been very good. He has a 2.76 ERA in 31 games this season. He has 16 saves, has allowed 20 hits, 4 walks and 40 strikeouts in 29.1 innings. Gotta like a 10 to 1 strikeout to walk rate. Soria is being paid $5.5 million this year, and there is a $7 million team option on him for next year. I'm sure the Rangers wouldn't be looking for all that much for him, it would be mostly a salary dump.

Ken Rosenthal also tells us that the Jays are thinking about bringing up Aaron Sanchez and Daniel Norris to work out of the Blue Jays pen. I like the idea of starting pitcher in the bullpen so they are learn how to get major leaguers out without the stress of being expected to guy 6-7-8 innings at a time. The Jays used to do that, Jimmy Key, David Wells and several others started their major league careers in the pen. It worked for them.  Add in:

Keeping their innings in check would also be good.

Anyway, adding Soria doesn't mean they won't call up Sanchez and Norris for the pen. Gibby does need more arms he can trust in his bullpen.