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Bring on the All-Star break, Jays lose to Rays

Safe, unfortunately.
Safe, unfortunately.
Brian Blanco

Blue Jays 0 Rays 3

Not much to say about that, David Price was good, the Jays batters weren't.

We managed 5 hits against Price, 8 plus innings, most of them of the bloop variety. 2 of the hits were off Juan Francisco's bat (he was also hit by pitch). Jake McGee got the save.

R.A. Dickey was pretty good, he went 6 innings allowed 5 hits, 2 earned, 3 walks with 5 strikeouts. He had some trouble keeping the knuckleball in the strike zone, especially early in the first inning. It was moving all over the place. Gibby was smart and took him out after 103 pitches, when we all thought he'd leave R.A. out there for another inning.

One of the runs against Dickey came on a reviewed play at the plate, Jose Bautista made a great throw to almost get Yunel Escobar at the plate on a single by Jose Molina. Yunel stole second to set up the run, Yunel isn't a base stealer, and needed the help of a terrible throw by Josh Thole to get one. I don't know why teams don't run against Thole more, he's got a very weak arm.

Brett Cecil was the victim of a suddenly small strike zone, when he came in to pitch the 7th, giving up a single then a walk, even though all the pitches were over the plate. After going 2-0 on the next batter, on two very good pitches, Brett vented and I figured he would be tossed, but he got Sean Rodriguez to swing at three pitches to get a strikeout.

Todd Richmond came in and the Rays pulled off a double steal, and then got a sac fly for their 3rd run of the game. Casey Janssen pitched the ninth.

No JoD today. Suckage goes to Dan Johnson (-.127 , 0 for 3, the big out was in the first with two on and one out, he really could have helped us out), Erik Kratz (-.098, 0 for 4, also making an out in the first with two on) and Thole (-.095 0 for 2, and a strikeout, plus the lousy throws).

I am so thankful for the All-Star break. I need time away from the Jays and it looks like some of our best players need to get away too.

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