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Open Thread for the Home Run Derby

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Home Run Derby is tonight, starting at 8:00 Eastern.

I'll admit to not caring about at it. I can watch for 10 minutes, then I get tired of 'back, back, back, back' and start looking for something else to do. But, maybe i can watch Jose Bautista. I don't buy any of the stuff about it causing players to go into slumps (though if the players believe it.....), but it just doesn't make compelling TV, for me.

Minor League is trying to trick me into saying that Ace won the 'mascots home run derby', but I'm not dumb enough to fall for that. Mascots home run derby, like they would do something that silly, not even Bud would come up with something that dumb. Nice try ML.

Anyway, apparently they've changed the rules of the derby, making it needlessly complicated:

First round: the 5 batters from each league bat, the leaders from each league get a bye, so they get to skip to the 3rd round.

Second round: the players that finished 2nd and 3rd in each league go against each other, AL 2 vs. AL 3 and NL 2 vs. NL 3.

Third round: the winner of each of the each league's first round goes against the winner of each league's second round.

Fourth round: the AL winner goes against the NL which time I'll have turned off the TV.

Anyway let's have a poll to see who you guys think will win it all.